Scott Sample

When the winds are calm, you can often see an amazing reflection of nature’s brilliance on the surface of the lake.
On a particularly quiet day, this reflection of trees, earth and sky appear almost as a mirror image.
But on closer study, the subtle differences in color, texture and form reveal themselves.
Nothing, not even the finest photograph can reproduce the beauty of this creation.
It is this reflection that drives and inspires Scott to create his art. “I never try to just reproduce what I see; I want to reflect it in a thought provoking way.”
In his works is a juxtaposing of visual metaphors with words.
Sometimes it’s a single word, and its connection to the painting may not be obvious, but thought provoking to every viewer.

Virtual Gallery

We are thankful to technology for allowing us to share our work when in-person visits just aren’t feasible. Enjoy the below virtual gallery which contains a curated selection of Scott’s stunning artwork. 

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Virtual Studio Tour

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all have to pivot and adapt so many aspects of our lives. For us, this meant coming up with a creative solution to the lack of an in-person studio tour in 2020. We’re excited about what we’ve been able to produce in order to welcome you into our studios and gain insight into our creative process, where we work, and what it is about Herbser & the South Shore that so inspires us. We hope you’ll enjoy these videos and come away with a better understanding of each of us and our work.

Scott provides us with a fascinating (and gorgeous) overview of his creative process and what inspires his work. 

Contact Scott

Phone: 612.749.7753
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