Sara Mustonen

The desire to create functional, attractive and unique handwoven items is what make weaving so pleasurable for me.  The rhythmic motion of throwing the shuttle, pounding the beater and watching patterns and colors emerge before my eyes bring joy to my day.  Scarves made of tencel, towels made of cotton/linen and rugs made of wool are a few of the items you will find at my studio on the shores of Lake Superior.

To satisfy my desire for creativity while spending the winters in the Southwest I’ve recently started silversmithing.  Jewelry made from sterling silver will also be available during the Herbster Studio Art Tour.

Virtual Gallery

We are thankful to technology for allowing us to share our work when in-person visits just aren’t feasible. Enjoy the below virtual gallery which contains a curated selection of Sara’s stunning artwork.  

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Virtual Studio Tour

The coronavirus pandemic has made us all have to pivot and adapt so many aspects of our lives. For us, this meant coming up with a creative solution to the lack of an in-person studio tour in 2020. We’re excited about what we’ve been able to produce in order to welcome you into our studios and gain insight into our creative process, where we work, and what it is about Herbser & the South Shore that so inspires us. We hope you’ll enjoy these videos and come away with a better understanding of each of us and our work.

Enjoy a virtual tour of Sara’s studio, learn about her weaving & silversmithing processes, and get an inside peek into how she designed her incredible Lake Superior rug. 

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