Dale Paulson

Dale and his wife, Cathy, live year-round here in Herbster, the love of the natural, peaceful surrounding keeps us here. Early experiences in Dale’s life included farming and the Navy, which exposed him to many cultures and foreign countries. Later, sawmilling and logging filled his working time here in Herbster. 

Now retired, beekeeping takes much of Dale’s time as he maintains 25 to 30 colonies.

Dale enjoys gardening. Both his vegetable garden and what he calls his “big garden” (140 acres of surrounding woodland) are intensely managed. Dale was the 2017 Wisconsin Tree Farmer of the Year in recognition of his work and success in forest management and conservation.

Dale spends most of his woodworking time turning and finishing bowls for decorative and functional use. During his logging operations, Dale looks for “character” wood to bring to his shop for future use. Some of the wood is obtained from blown-down or dead trees. Many years in sawmill work and logging helps Dale to “see what’s inside” the workpiece. After being selected, the piece is turned and finished to expose the beauty within.

Dale and Cathy also have their honey and beeswax candles available for purchase at their property in Herbster year-round.

Virtual Gallery

We are thankful to technology for allowing us to share our work when in-person visits just aren’t feasible. Enjoy the below virtual gallery which contains a curated selection of Dale’s stunning artwork. Check back on August 15th to view the complete gallery of Dale’s work, shop his pieces, and view the virtual  tour of his studio.

Contact Dale

Email: cathypaulson00@yahoo.com
Phone: 218-341-8461
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