#1 Linda Bergquist

Linda “Lynn” Bergquist

Art has just always been a part of my life since I can remember. I try other mediums but I always go back to watercolors.

Now that I am retired, I no longer feel I have to get ‘control’ of the watercolors and hurry and force them into a painting. I just let them flow through me and trust in them to create a painting in their own time. It is wonderful. And to share them all with You, in the end, is pure joy.

Thank you to all who come and share our Art with us in The Herbster Studio Art Tour!  Let’s enjoy the journey together and as one of my teachers always says....”fear no art”.

#2 Sandra Starck
#3 Jane Herrick
#4 Susan McDonald
#5 Scott Sample
#6 Penny Ericksen
#7 Sara Mustenen
#8 Dale Paulson