2016 Herbster Studio Art Tour Artists


#11: Dale Paulson works at logging and sawmilling. His hobby, woodworking, falls right in place with the variety and character of wood he encounters.
Starting with a standing tree and ending up with furniture or wood turnings, the goal is to achieve maximum character and function with each piece.


#3: Susan Strong McDonald received a B.A. in Biology from Sweet Briar College before studying at the San Francisco Art Institute. She then travelled to study Chinese painting with Sun Yuen Sung in Taipei and woodblock printmaking with Toshi Yoshida in Tokyo. She taught Art and Design at North Hennepin Community College in Minneapolis, MN for 25 years. Recently she studied Botanical painting at the Academy of Botanical Art in Sarasota, Florida. Her botanical paintings are in the collection of the Andersen Horticultural Library in Chaska, MN.



Jane Herrick is a practicing studio artist.   Her fiber, painting and mixed media art work involves experimentation with various materials to give meaning to her work.  Her recent work consists of joining both fiber sculpture and acrylic painting on canvas.  Most of her work is abstract in nature allowing experimentation to play a big role.

She has been represented in several galleries over the years and her work has been accepted in many exhibitions.  Currently she is showing her work in an exhibit at the Museum of Art in San Luis Obispo, CA.  She is also exhibiting her work in a fiber and clay show at Western New Mexico University, Silver City, New Mexico.  She enjoys showing her work to interested persons and enjoys telling the story of how pieces are created.  Jane’s work is in many private collections around the country and in many corporate collections, including Luther Midelfort Mayo Health Systems in Eau Claire, WI and the guest rooms at the Blue Wave in Ashland, WI.

Jane received her B.A. in Art Education and her M.A. in Textile & Design at the University of Iowa.  She taught studio art at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for 17 years,  currently teaches fiber and painting workshops in her studio in Herbster and various places in the southwest


#6: Sara Mustonen: While attending a rummage sale in 1980 a pile of wood sitting in a corner of a barn caught my eye.
It was a discarded, handmade, 100 year old loom. Thus was the beginning of my passion for weaving.
The desire to create functional, attractive, and unique rugs is what makes weaving so pleasurable for me.
The rhythmic motion of throwing the shuttle, pounding the beater, and watching the patterns and colors emerge before my eyes brings joy to my days.
It is rewarding to know my work is being used to add charm and comfort to a room.


#10: Beth Shoaf, Lampwork Beadmaker and Jeweler

When Beth Shoaf was a child, her mother and aunt allowed her to dabble and experiment with products they were working on.
They guided her and nurtured her passion for creating.

Over time her work has evolved from clay and stained glass to jewelry.
She says that what really hooked her was the organic and unpredictability of creating lampwork beads.
The unknown keeps her challenged and excited to see what she can create next.

Herbster is where Beth does her best work. When she is working she is relaxed. Being surrounded by nature is ideal for inspiration.
When she is working she can relax, escape from everyday stresses, and the creative process becomes a form of meditation for her.

Her customers and admirers are the ones who encourage her to continue creating her art.
“I truly enjoy their feedback and they often inspire me with their enthusiasm for my work,” Beth says.


#5: Scott Sample: When the winds are calm, you can often see an amazing reflection of nature’s brilliance on the surface of the lake.
On a particularly quiet day, this reflection of trees, earth and sky appear almost as a mirror image.
But on closer study, the subtle differences in color, texture and form reveal themselves.
Nothing, not even the finest photograph can reproduce the beauty of this creation.
It is this reflection that drives and inspires Scott to create his art. “I never try to just reproduce what I see; I want to reflect it in a thought provoking way.” In his works is a juxtaposing of visual metaphors with words.
Sometimes it’s a single word, and its connection to the painting may not be obvious, but thought provoking to every viewer.

Guest Artist - Evan Hestekin (Pottery & Ceramic Art)

#7: Penny Erickson

Guest Artist - Lynn Erickson (Photography)