#1 Sandra Starck

My work is made in response to the environment and is inspired by beauty in this natural world. I am so very grateful to be here now, ‘up north’ by Great Lake Superior. To walk outdoors amidst nature is true joy, be it any weather.

I walk to witness, to keep an eye on things, and to observe change in this wondrous world of Earth, air, fire, water and in all creatures great and small. Being outdoors opens my senses, kindles curiosity, elicits joy, brings knowledge, inspires reverence, and encourages contemplation of Life’s mysteries.

My art is a celebration of this gift of time, it is the recognition of life’s brevity, and it is my attempt to communicate something of the spiritual side of living.

#2 Jane Herrick
#3 Susan McDonald
#4 Diana O'brien
#5 Scott Sample
#6 Sara Mustenen
#7 Penny Ericksen
#8 Dale Paulson